Cabbie Finds a Way to Return Passenger’s Wallet Containing Money for Her Son’s Birthday Party… Even If She Did Not Have a Contact Number!

When Richelle Ann Santos dropped her wallet containing Php14,000 ($300) for her son’s birthday, she did not expect that it would be returned again because her wallet does not contain any contact number and in this jaded world, honest people are hard to come by.

So, she was resigned to the idea that she had just thrown away her hard-earned cash for her son’s birthday along with important IDs and her son’s health card. Still, she prayed that the finder, possibly the taxi driver of the cab she had ridden on, would return the wallet and the money to her – against all odds.

Hours after she lost the wallet, she received a Facebook message from a stranger who turned out to be the cabbie’s son! According to Armil Cervantes Modanza, his father (Ramil Modanza of UVU 749) had just arrived home and had asked him to try find Santos on the web so they could return the wallet to her.

Photo credit: Richelle Ann Santos / Facebook
Photo credit: Richelle Ann Santos / Facebook

Santos would meet with the cabbie’s driver the following day and got her wallet back – and the family refused to receive the reward she tried to give them but they later relented when she insisted that they accept the money since it was but a small thing compared to what they had done to her.

Needless to say, Santos not only got her wallet back, her faith in humanity was also restored. Indeed, there still are a lot of honest people left in the world…

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