California Teen Returns Wallet with $1,500 Inside

Tyler Opdyke, an 18-year-old guy from Sacramento, California was helping out his uncle by handing out some fliers for his business when he found a wallet lying around containing some cash. With nobody around to see if he takes it, Tyler still chose to do what is right.

According to the teenager, he just thought of doing what he wants other people to do, in case he also drops his wallet.

The wallet, apparently belongs to the husband of Melissa Vang, which he accidentally dropped on his way to his car. Tyler found it in the driveway of the house.

Image from Pixabay

When Tyler knocked at Melissa’s door, she did not answer right away because she was afraid for her safety and that she does not open her doors to strangers. So, after receiving no response after he knocked on the door, Tyler held up the wallet to the surveillance camera and then hid it underneath the doormat. He continued distributing fliers afterwards.

After some time, Tyler went back to check on the wallet. He said that if it was still under the doormat, he was going to keep on knocking until somebody answers. However, Melissa opened her doors to Tyler and, together with her children, greeted the young man.

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