Can Flavor Help You Find Love? Watch as Strangers were Paired According to Their Favorite Food and Share an Intimate First Date

Do you believe in love at first taste? They say, the way through a man’s heart is through his stomach, but I guess the same could probably be applied for women. Well, it may be true that opposites attract, but somehow, in reality, we tend to be with the people who share the same likes and interests with us. Just look at your group of friends!

In a new flavor survey conducted by Knorr,  12,000 participated across 12 countries and they found out that 78% of people are more attracted to those who likes the same flavors as them. In fact, one in three people said they’d even end a relationship with someone whose taste buds didn’t match their own. It also found out that flavor is especially important in picking a partner, since 29 per cent of respondents said they find it unattractive when someone orders food they don’t like.

To see how far food really goes in finding love, the company decided to do something unique– they decided to play matchmaker and they showed it in their new video entitled Love at First Taste. In the video, a group of single men and women are set up on a blind date based on their favorite food–the rule is, they have to feed each other on the date.

Will they click because they share the same interest in food? Let’s find out by hitting the play button!