Can You Believe There’s an Entire Village Underneath this Hole? You’ll Even Find Churches and Hotels There!

Australia has always been known as the “Land Down Under” but it seems that the country also has this place called the “Town Down Under” – and it is literally underneath the ground!

In a place called Coober Pedy whose name was derived from the Aboriginal term “kupa-piti” which means “white man’s hole”, the weather conditions are so extreme that people found it difficult to live on the surface. Temperatures can go as high as 125°F (50°C) during daytime but drop very low during the night!

Photo credit: Elite Readers

While many would probably advice these people to simply leave this place and go someplace else, the rich opal deposits in the area is reason enough for them to stay. So, they decided to adapt by building their community beneath the ground.

Photo credit: Unusual Places

In Coober Pedy, as many as 1,500 homes called “dugouts” have been built over the years. Many of the residents who dig out homes for themselves actually find pieces of opal there. Coober Pedy is that rich in the gem.

Photo credit: Coober Pedy Government

But this underground town is not just comprised of homes but also of shopping centers, two churches, and even hotels where tourists can stay in!

Photo credit: Stuart Range Outback Resort

If you have always dreamed of experiencing how it is to live in an underground town just like the Flintstones, then Coober Pedy is the place to visit. You’ll even find great jewelry pieces made from locally mined opal there!

By Lodo27 from Moscow, Russia (Own work (Lodo27)) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons
Check out this video and be amazed by what this beautiful place has to offer…

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