Can You See a Lake in the Photo or is it Really Just a Concrete Wall?

There have been a number of mysterious and mind-boggling photos circulating the web these past months – and another has gone viral because it puzzled thousands of netizens across the world.

At first glance, the photo shows some rolling hills in the background while a clear lake can be seen at the bottom. There are plants in the foreground while a white road can be seen between the lake and the hills.

Did you see all that? Awesome! But did you know that there really is no lake in that photo? And there’s no road there, either!

If you take a closer look at this optical illusion, you will see that the white road close to the middle is actually the white paint on top of a concrete wall. The rounded mountains and the plants in the photo are for real but the lake and the road are things that are just the product of your imagination – or are they, really? Hmmmmmm.

Check out this photo and tell us what you see…

Do you see the lake?