Canadian Trucker Writes Open Letter to Fellow Citizens, Defending OFWs and Other Foreign Workers

A lot of OFWs (overseas Filipino workers) and other foreign workers have been laid off from business establishments across Canada these past months because of changes in the country’s policies, leaving many of these stores and shops understaffed since the owners could not find anyone to fill in the jobs!

Believing this shouldn’t have happened if only many Canadians did not feel like these foreign workers are stealing their jobs, Canadian trucker Steven Hill posted a heartfelt open letter on Facebook, admonishing fellow Canadians and defending foreign workers who he believes are a hardworking bunch of people who are happy to work in the jobs that many Canadians do not want to do.

He thinks that these foreign workers were unjustly kicked off their posts because Canadians felt like they are being robbed of their jobs yet they, the Canadians, do not actually like to do many of these jobs themselves!

If only the country did not change its policies, there wouldn’t be a lot of shops across Canada, many along Hill’s route, who are forced to put up signs apologizing to customers that they have to be patient because they are VERY understaffed and could not attend to a lot of customers at once.

Hill’s post was well-received by the Filipino community in Canada and has gained over 20,000 shares a little over a day after he posted it on Facebook.

Here’s what Hill has to say about this issue:

September-9-2015For anyone who doesn’t know with the current price of oil I am no longer working on the oil rigs and I…

Posted by Steven Hill on Wednesday, September 9, 2015

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