Cars Beep at Old Man Slowly Pushing a Cart, So This Kind Man Gets Off Own Vehicle to Help

It is a sad truth in life that we are too busy these days to find time for others, especially if we don’t really know them; after all, there are also so many scammers and bad people these days that it’s difficult to let our guard down and help.

But this makes those who actually help out become more admirable – because only a few of them are left…

One hot day in Dumaguete, an old man was slowly pushing his cart towards the junk shop. It was filled with so much junk and recyclable materials that the frail old man was having a rather difficult time pushing at a road in the city.

Photo credit: Facebook / Denniz Futalan

Impatient drivers began to honk their horns at the old man, forcing him to try and go faster but his old legs could only move slow, much slower than the drivers wanted; thus, they honked their horns again.

Thankfully, a motorist passing by quickly noticed the old man’s difficult plight. Instead of continuing on his way, he stopped and left his motorcycle to help the old man. It was a hot day and it was hard work but the man, later identified to be a teacher named Jay Mongcupa, did not mind. He helped the old man push the cart until they reached the junk shop.

Photo credit: Facebook / Denniz Futalan

The good deed was caught on camera by local photographer Denniz Futalan. Admiring Mongcupa’s good deed, Futalan took some snapshots and revealed that the teacher even bought the old man some water after they reached the junk shop.

It was truly admirable that there are still people who would go out of their way, literally, just to help someone in need…

Photo credit: Facebook / Denniz Futalan

Kudos to you, Sir!