Cat Attacks Woman to ‘Save’ Baby

Animal behavior is something difficult to predict. We can’t even predict people – how much more animals?

In a viral YouTube video, a cat was seen attacking a woman as it tried to ‘save’ the baby. It was unclear whether the woman was the child’s mother or just a babysitter; though the video editor claimed she was the mother but many are commenting she is a babysitter.

In the first few minutes of the video, the cat can be seen in the woman’s lap. She would use the cat to kick the ball back to the toddler, later identified as James Taylor.

At the middle of the clip, something happened that sent pieces of glass [or of the burst plastic ball, as some argued] across the floor. The cat was not in the immediate scene but was filmed getting down from its perch in a sofa.

At this point, the child was already screaming – perhaps, the woman asked him to stay away from the broken glass or possibly because his ball burst. The cut scene made it harder to analyze what just really happened.

However, the most interesting part is when the cat starts attacking the woman…