PHOTOS: Catasaurus Rex? Meet One of the Largest Cats in the World

Nicknamed as “Catasaurus Rex” because of his sheer size, Pickles is really just an adorable albeit giant cat with a gentle temperament and a knack for being clumsy, perhaps because of his size.

Weighing 21 lbs (9.5 kg) and standing 3 feet tall, this cat is truly a sight to behold. He currently lives with a loving couple, Andrew Milicia and girlfriend Emily Zarvos, who were the luckiest to have been given the chance to adopt him.

You see, 50 people expressed their desire to adopt Pickles from the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals but most did not have ample space or were not quite suitable for this gentle giant.

At the time of his rescue from the streets, Pickles looked like a real monster because of his unkempt hair and overall shabby appearance. Andrew and Emily met him shortly afterwards. At the time, they were not really planning to adopt a pet but had simply fallen in love with this cute little dinosaur-like cat. So, they signed up on the wait list. They were ecstatic when they were told they were picked as Pickles’ new “parents”.

So, how does Pickles feel about his new home? Well, the couple said he immediately loved his new home. He would spend hours on the three-man sofa or on the floor, sleeping.

He also enjoys hiding in the closet. They tried placing a heavy statue in front of the closet door so he could not get inside but would it knocked off by the time they arrive home.

This Catasaurus Rex also lives up to its name, eating huge servings of cat fit – enough to feed a dog. His gigantic size also makes him quite clumsy so he easily knocks over stuff around the couple’s house. They don’t mind, however, saying it was difficult to get angry with this adorable giant.