Catfish Scammers are Getting Creative: Instagram Star Discovers Her Picture with a Different Face Being Used by an Online Fraudster

Jessica Hunt, a social media star found herself being ‘catfished’ online. It was so nicely done that you wouldn’t think it was photoshopped until you see the original picture.

Edited picture of Jessica Hunt with someone else’s face. Photo: Twitter

In case you are not aware, ‘catfishing’ is a modern day social media scheme of pretending to be someone using their photos.

The original picture of Jessica in her house. Photo: Instagram / Jessica Hunt

Jessica, who has over 80,000 followers in Instagram, discovered that she was ‘catfished’ and posted the following tweet:  “OH MY GOD, that is my body and my house but who’s face is that? Catfish game is getting silly.”

Even though she was shocked, she was impressed by the seamless Photoshop work. Normally, people tend to photoshop their bodies or their backgrounds but someone realized it is easier to find the perfect body and background then simply put your face in the background. ‘Catfishers’ usually just use the original picture so the effort on this one is impressive.

Then the online Photoshop trolls strike again. They have edited the Photo and inserted random faces including that of Donald Trump.

The online Photoshop trolls strike again. Photo: Twitter.