Caught on Camera: Arsonist Sets Himself Ablaze While Trying to Burn a Building

The Madisonville Police Department in Madisonville, Kentucky has released surveillance video of some arsonists trying to burn down a new business establishment but one ends up setting himself ablaze in the process.

It seems that the arsonists had to idea that the new business already had working CCTV cameras.

After parking their white van just outside the shop, a woman wearing a baseball cap got out of the van and placed something at the building. Then, a man tossed something on the ground; police believed this was a Molotov cocktail.

He went back to the van to get something. Upon returning with a second bottle, he tossed it as well but before he could get back to the van, his shorts and shoe caught fire.

Screenshot of video shared by Madisonville Police / YouTube
Screenshot of video shared by Madisonville Police / YouTube

He actually had the presence of mind not to get inside the van. Instead, he ran towards the side of the building and rolled unto the grassy area near a house.

While the flames on his shorts were easily put out, the one on his shoe continued to burn – and he was actually quite lucky to have been able to remove the shoe before it burned through and hurt his foot.

Amazingly, he goes back to the building to add more fuel to the flames! He was really intent on getting this building burned down to the ground!

Watch the painfully failed arson attempt in this video released by the Madisonville Police department: