Caught on Camera: Mermaid Swimming at the Great Barrier Reef

Do you believe in mermaids? When I was a child, I believed in mermaids, Santa Claus, fairies, dragons, wizards, and various mythical creatures but all these I now think as fake or just a product of fiction.

Now, some divers enjoying the stunning scenery at the Great Barrier Reef managed to capture a video of a beautiful mermaid swimming with a manta ray. I would have gone crazy if I saw a real mermaid out in the sea, especially if it turns towards me and starts communicating – but it would surely be a crazily wonderful experience if that happens, right?

Well, it was a good thing they did not try to capture the mermaid but simply followed it around as it swam in the waters.

Check out the video to watch the mermaid in action:

This beautiful video captured the lovely ocean scene and the lovely mermaid – but before you scream “fake!” we’ll tell you now that this was not really a real mermaid (for do they really exist???). It really was a “fake” mermaid but the video was done not to scam people into thinking mermaids existed (who believes that, anyway?) but to raise awareness about the oceans and nature. It really is for a noble cause.

Watch this for the behind-the-scenes shoot: