CCTV Camera Catches Moment an Ice Block Falls from the Sky, Nearly Hitting Worker and Pedestrian

It is said that when it is your time to ‘go’, then nothing can stop that moment from happening – and something as random as an ice block falling from the sky could kill you! Of course, the opposite ‘rule’ applies if it is not yet your time because you could be inches from danger but your life would still be spared…

In Kew, West London, a worker and a pedestrian were nearly hit by a block of ice that just fell from the sky! It came out of nowhere and there were no indications that it would happen right at that moment that the council worker who was just a few feet away was clearly taken aback over what had just happened.

Photo credit: PigMine 7 / YouTube

Serhiy Myeshkov, the council worker, admitted that he was surprised by the ice block but was not scared; although he did feel lucky because it could have hit him or the pedestrian!

CCTV footage from a shop across the street shows the moment it happened.

A piece of ice, maybe 10 kilograms big, fell from either a plane or from the sky. It all happened very quickly. I wasn’t scared, but it could kill you. I feel lucky,” Myeshkov said.

People who watched the video agreed with Myeshkov, saying that block of ice could have killed someone or at least leave him seriously injured! Others said they might start looking up as they walked from now on.

Photo credit: PigMine 7 / YouTube

No one knows for certain where the block of ice came from as there was no snow in the area but according to Pavi Singh, owner of family-owned Kew Convenience Store, believes it might have come from a plane as many actually pass the area.

Although ice does very occasionally fall from aircraft, it can also be the result of meteorological phenomena,” said a spokesman for the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

We receive around 30 reported ice falls every year, although we are not certain how many of these incidents are the result of ice falling from an aircraft.