CCTV Footage Shows Commuter Getting ‘Swallowed’ Alive by Escalator

Escalators and other modern contraptions have saved humans a lot of trouble and energy when it comes to traveling and getting to their destinations faster and more efficiently but there are times when these machinery fail, leading to disaster.

At the Ayazaga Metro station in Istanbul, Turkey, on February 27, a broken down escalator ‘swallowed’ a commuter alive! Whoa!

According to reports, the escalator was broken and the authorities had put up a sign to warn commuters against using it but people ignored the sign, choosing to walk on the stalled escalator.

Photo credit: FUN HI FUN / YouTube

Things took a turn for worse when the escalator suddenly turned on, lurching forward and sending the surprised commuters scrambling on their feet.

But while everyone momentarily felt glad that the escalator was working again, their joy turned to horror when a man got swallowed by the malfunctioning machine.

CCTV footage taken just above the escalator showed that it wasn’t moving at first; thus, people were walking calmly, using it much like ordinary stairs to head down the train station. Moments later, people could be seen being lurched forward before some parts opened up to swallow a commuter.

Photo credit: FUN HI FUN / YouTube

The victim was identified as Mehmet Ali Erik. He was trapped under the elevator for about an hour before firefighters were able to successfully extract him from that broken machine. Thankfully, he only sustained some injuries and is believed to have recovered at the hospital.

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality might not be held liable over the incident because proper warning signs were placed near the broken escalator before the incident but the commuters chose to ignore it, anyway.

Watch the video here: