Cheap Airline Ticket Brought Dutch Teen to the Other ‘Sydney’

Treating himself to a summer of lush, coastal landscape before starting college, 18-year old Milan Schipper bought a C$300 ticket which is way cheaper than all the other plane tickets to ‘Sydney.’

He was planning to spend the summer vacation backpacking in the landscape of Sydney, Australia and, if possible, work a little to earn something.

But the cheap ticket that he bought brought him somewhere that is not the sunny, coastal Sydney he had in mind.

He felt something was wrong when he reached Toronto to ride a small Air Canada plane as his connecting flight to ‘Sydney.’

Image from the Facebook Account of Milan Schipper

The plane was tiny, so I figured, would that make it to Australia?” the teen told CBC.

He boarded the plane and finally realized that he was on a wrong flight after the flight plan showed the plane going right, instead of left, which is the direction towards Australia.

He felt terrible and was swearing on his head but could do nothing since he was already up in the air.

Dressed in T-shirt, sweatpants, and a thick jacket, the flight, brought him to Sydney, Nova Scotia which, at that time, was already covered with snow and a threatening blizzard was looming on the horizon.

He could not book a flight going to Australia since doing so would cost him US$1,600 and a 30-hour air travel. He explained his situation to the airport employees who helped him book a return flight to Toronto.

His father, who can’t help but laugh at what happened to him, picked him up at the Toronto Airport.

He felt sorry for me, but he thought, only I could do such a thing, He also laughed an awful lot just like everyone else,” Schipper said.