Cheated Parents from Russia Reunite with Their ‘****’ Child after Six Years

In 2011, a young woman from Volgograd, Russia gave birth but they were told that the newborn won’t be able to survive. Doctors advised the young couple to give up the child; left with no choice, the woman signed the waiver and left their newborn in the care of the state. Five days later, they decided to go back to the hospital to retrieve their baby; unfortunately, the baby was already ****.

But just last year, the couple were shocked to know that their child had been alive all this time.

Image: Oddity Central

How did they found out?

Well, the Federal Bailiff Service (FSKP) received an executive document last year. The document says that the couple owed the state 230,000 rubles (around $4,100) for the unpaid bills for boarding a minor at a local orphanage. So, the FSKP froze the couple’s bank account to inform them about their unpaid fees because they don’t know the current address of the couple.

The woman later found out that her account was frozen so she visited the local FSKP office for explanation. That’s when she found out that her child was actually alive and was in an orphanage.

It became clear that the married couple had been assured for all this time that the child was ****. The parents, so unexpectedly aware of the ‘resurrection’ of their baby, immediately appealed to the court for the restoration of parental rights,” the spokesperson for the FSKP said in an interview, according to Oddity Central.

In November 2017, the couple was granted full custody of the minor and the family was finally reunited.

It’s really heartwarming to know that their family is complete again though there is no information if they will file legal action for the hospital’s negligence.

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