Child *****? Mom Feeds Toddler Son with Live Tadpoles

Parents would do anything and everything for their children to have a better life but there are times when they make the wrong choices, thinking these could make their children better but end up leading them to trouble.

One mom in China recently made headlines after feeding her toddler son with live tadpoles! Can you believe that?

The woman fed the young boy with seven live tadpoles, saying that it was used as traditional Chinese medicine to make people healthier. She believes that by feeding her son the tadpoles, he will become healthy.

Photo credit: The Paper

In the video, she can be seen holding a bowl filled with water. Inside were tadpoles swimming around, blissfully unaware that they were soon going to be fed to this crazy woman’s son.

The child was unsure what he should do but his mom encouraged him to eat, even making him focus on the tadpoles by telling him, “Look at the little fish!

It is unclear whether the kid was able to eat all seven tadpoles but he did gobble up some, as shown on the video.

Photo credit: World of Buzz

After the clip went viral, many people expressed concern at this child’s health. Doctors commented that this was dangerous to the kid, not healthy as the Chinese beliefs claimed. Eating raw or live food can introduce dangerous parasites to the child, including tapeworms!

There’s this old adage that claims “Mother knows best!” – but it is clear in this video that this mom clearly does not know the best for her kid! However, she seems unrepentant about it as she firmly believes she’s doing this for his own good. Poor kid.

Watch the video here: