Child Suffers from Sleep Apnea

A Filipina homemaker based in Abu Dhabi and a loving mother to her firstborn child was worried when her baby stopped breathing for 59 seconds.

It was one night when the child was 4, when Carol (not her real name), noticed that her son stopped breathing for about 40 seconds.

Worried, she rushed the boy to the hospital the very next day to be checked by sleep disorder specialists.

The mother narrated  that she used to be a cabin crew and her son was sleeping with her aged mother.  Aware that her son was snoring, not breathing for several seconds was so scary for her.

Sent home, the child was monitored by a sleep technologist to record her breathing activities while sleeping through the sensors attached to him. Not that long, the mother received a call from the technologist to come inside the child’s room and reported that the child has paused breathing for 59 seconds!

His tonsil and adenoid were big, and the doctor said he has to be put on a strict diet to lose weight because he was nine kilograms overweight,” Carol narrated.

The child has been under diet that is rich in fiber, fruits and vegetables and controlled consumption of carbohydrates, sugar and gluten. Every month since then, he was being brought to the hospital to check on his development.

Aside from the diet, therapies were also administered to the patient. Lip trainer has been used so that his breathing would be through his nose. Silicone devices which pushes the tongue up to open the airways during sleep were also used.

As of  press time, Carol said her son’s breathing has already improved.

He now sleeps with his parents which they opted so they can closely monitor his breathing and give him the help their child would need as it arises.

Carol appealed and  reminded all  parents to closely observe their children while sleeping for we never know when they might need help.

Source :

Gulf news

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