Child’s English Composition with Teacher’s “Puzzling Corrections” Sparks Heated Online Debate

A mother was left scratching her head after finding her daughter’s English composition filled with “puzzling” corrections from her teacher. She posted a photo of the composition on Facebook; it soon went viral as netizens debated whether the corrections were actually justifiable or whether the child’s original work was perfect without alterations.

According to Nadine Yap whose child, Zoe, studies at the Methodist Girls’ School in Singapore, the question was actually part of a three-part stimulus-based conversation.

The Inquirer reports that the last part asked, “If you are celebrating a family member’s birthday, how do you plan to celebrate it?

Here’s Zoe’s answer: “If I were to plan a birthday, I would plan it for my mother. Instead of a cake I would make cupcakes.

Here’s the teacher’s correction: “If I am to plan a birthday, I will plan it for my mother. Instead of getting a cake, I will make cupcakes.

Many netizens took Zoe’s side, saying her answer had no grammatical errors and was actually perfect but there were also those who sided with the teacher, saying the question was asked in the present tense and, therefore, must be answered in the present tense as well.

Photo credit: Facebook-Nadine Yap/Inquirer
Photo credit: Facebook-Nadine Yap/Inquirer

To date, netizens are still debating which version is correct. Which do you think is the correct one?

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