China Offers Job as Toilet Manager to Bachelor Degree Holders

Most people study so hard to earn a degree and hope to have a decent job such as doctors, lawyers, and businessman, and to succeed in their lives.

However, there’s a job offer in China wherein you need to have bachelor’s degree before you land a job as a toilet manager in one of the districts in Wuhan, the capital of central China’s Hubei province.

Image: Next Shark

According to Next Shark, the job advertisement was posted online by the officials of Hongshan District. Aside from a bachelor’s degree, the applicant must not be older than 30 years old.

Many netizens CQCB reported that one of the comments said was “If you don’t study hard, you won’t even be qualified enough to run a public toilet,” as translated by Shanghaiist via Medium.

While everyone was making the job ad as a joke, an official of Hongshan District Urban Management Committee explained behind the job position requirement.

Image: Next Shark

He emphasized that the person who would fill the position will be in charge of handling administrative duties for all district’s public bathrooms which will be undergoing an overhaul wherein thousands of toilets would be modernized in a “toilet revolution”. This will improve and renovate the country’s public bathrooms that are already, outdated most especially toilets who are still using squat toilets not only in the city but in rural areas as well.

Toilet manager is a very important job after all. May the person who will apply for the job do the best to fulfill his duties and responsibilities.

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