China Unveils Elevated Bus Capable of Carrying 300 Passengers… Tunnel Design Allows Cars to Pass Through!

Dealing with traffic is one of the main problems that many cities across the world have to deal with, especially advanced areas where there are lots of people who own vehicles. China is one of these countries – and it seems that the country has found a way to deal with the problem using something they call as the Transit Elevated Bus (TEB-1).

TEB-1, as unglamorous as its name might sound, is a tunnel-like bus which can carry as many as 300 passengers per carriage and, thanks to its tunnel design, it allows traffic to pass through it; thus, not only will this bus solve the problem of having several people travel at once, it also allows road sharing, thereby leading to more efficient transport of the riding public.

China has recently unveiled one of the TEB-1 buses for testing on its roads. Based on initial tests, the bus can easily move along its track, albeit slowly. It stops to let people on and off – although considering that this bus could be connected to each other to form a train-like bus that can carry up to 1,200 people, there would surely be a need to create several bus stations similar to train stations along key spots along its track.

Photo credit: New China
Photo credit: New China

But what could possibly go wrong with this kind of bus?

Well, ideally nothing would go wrong because it now solves a lot of traffic issues; however, nothing is perfect in this world – and there are plenty of things that could possibly go wrong with this setup.

For example, although it allows cars to pass through, these vehicles must not be more than 6.5 feet (2 meters) tall. Of course, most cars are within the limit but what if some driver made an error in estimating his/her car height or the bus driver wrongly assumes that all the cars in the bus’ path were below that?

Moreover, considering that there are so many bad drivers on the road, having such a behemoth vehicle on the road could easily spell a major disaster! What if it crashes down on the vehicles beneath it?

China has surely considered these possibilities and working on correcting errors and issues they notice during the test drive.

If this becomes successful, surely, there will be many nations who would adapt the bus system to solve their own traffic problems. In fact, state run Xinhua news agency revealed that the governments of India Indonesia, Brazil, and France have expressed interest in the project.

Here’s a video of the actual test run of TEB-1:

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