Chinese City Prevents Jaywalking by Installing Automatic Pedestrian Gates

Jaywalking has been a major problem in cities around the world; and it has become a serious problem in many urban centers across China.

The Chinese City of Wuhan is trying a different approach to preventing it by installing automatic pedestrian gates on either side of the crossing. The doors only open when the traffic lights turn green and the pedestrian are allowed to cross the street. It also automatically closes as soon as the traffic light turns red.

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The move might seem expensive and some people doubt that it could prevent people from just going around the gates or jumping over it, just like how some people do it at the subway ticketing stations. Well, Huwan officials said that surveillance cameras had been installed at the gates to monitor activities at all times, and offenders will have their faces displayed on digital billboards around the area.

Some people also predict that many might take away the turnstile and sell it to junk shops as scrap metal.

Authorities said that for now, the automatic gates are only installed at several pedestrian crossings in the city but if it proves to be effective, it will be replicated in all parts of the city.

As a major problem in China, jaywalking has already been considered a cultural problem as citizens have displayed a total disregard of the law while others put the blame on authorities and the infrastructures.

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