Chinese Man Sticks His Arm in a Squat Toilet to Retrieve His iPhone8

A man surnamed Tang from Liuzhou, China’s Guanxi Autonomous Region recently made headlines after getting his arm stuck in a squat toilet in hopes to retrieve his iPhone 8.

According to Oddity Central, Tang was drinking with his friends in a local cafe last weekend. When he had to go to the bathroom, he decided to check his phone while doing his thing. Unfortunately, he fumbled and dropped his new iPhone 8 in the toilet. Yikes!

As we all know iPhone 8 costs a fortune so I’m pretty sure you already know where the story is going. As soon as the iPhone 8 went down in the toilet, he attempted to retrieve it by shoving his arm inside the hole.

He kept pushing his arm further all the way up to his shoulder since he couldn’t reach his phone. But luck was not on his side at that time. He later realized that he wouldn’t be able to retrieve his phone and, worse, his arm was already stuck in a public toilet.

Image: Oddity Central

He tried to free himself for over 20 minutes but since his arm was already swollen because of the pressure he called for help. Luckily, a janitor found him and immediately called rescue.

Firefighters came and shattered the squat toilet into pieces free Tang’s arm. Good thing he didn’t suffer from any serious injuries.

Image: Oddity Central

Though he might be facing embarrassment, Tang might be able to buy himself a new handheld; he already negotiated compensation with the hotel right after the incident. Still a lucky fella after all.