Chinese Policewoman Nurses a Suspect’s Baby While the Mother is Attending Trial

Hao Lina is a new mother who is also working as a police officer in China.

On September 23, she was assigned to escort a suspect to a court trial at the Shanxi JInzhong Intermediate People’s Court in Central China.

The suspect, who has been charged with fraudulent fund-raising, brought her 4-month-old baby to the court. However, she could not bring the baby inside the court while her trial is ongoing; the baby was left under the care of Officer Lina and her colleague.

Image from Shanxi Jinzhong People’s Intermediate Court

Without her mother, the baby would not stop crying and they become worried so Officer Hao tried her best to comfort the baby.

She asked for the mother’s permission to let her feed the child. After the mother said yes, Officer Hao looked for a quiet spot and nursed the baby.

This scene was captured in a photo by Officer Hao’s colleague and was posted by the court to its official website and social media accounts before the story was featured in several Chinese publications.

Image from Shanxi Jinzhong People’s Intermediate Court

The baby’s mother could not help but cry as she was touched by what Officer Hao has done.

With the attention she’s been getting because of what she had done, Officer Hao said that she believes that every police officer would do the same and she also hopes that someone would help her baby, too, should there be a need for it.

Source :

Daily Mail

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