Chinese Social Media Star Underwent Plastic Surgery for 8 Years to Look like Her Idol

Most people turn to plastic surgery to boost their confidence or either copy a specific feature of their idols but it’s very difficult to replicate the face of your idols and be an exact look-a-like.

But this woman from China had a successful transformation into making herself look like a famous actress — people are now confused who’s who.

He Chengxi, 23, a social media star, spent thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery in the span of 8 years just to look like her idol, Fan Bingbing.

Image from Oddity Central

Fan Bingbing is one of the most popular Chinese celebrities.

Chengxi made headlines years ago after appearing on a popular Chinese singing show “Super Girl” wherein she stunned the judges with her looks. She got eliminated on the first round of the competition; the organizers gave her a wildcard so they could have her on the show for a longer time.

Stunned with her amazing looks, Chinese media started doing research and it was revealed that she had been undergoing plastic surgeries for over 8 years to copy the look of Fan Bingbing. On some reports, it was said that her boyfriend even opened a plastic surgery clinic to help her out but this was not confirmed.

Because of her amazing resemblance with the famous actress, she was dubbed as “Fake Fan Bingbing” by some Chinese netizens.

Chengxi has over 1.2 million followers on Weibo which makes her a big social media celebrity in China. Though it’s understandable that being associated with a big celebrity makes her popular as well, she wanted to be recognized as her own person.

Image: Oddity Central