Chinese Student Gets Caught in a Bed Frame after Showing Off Slim Figure

In the past, there have been several trends in China where ladies take different challenges to prove that they have slim figures. It was almost a status symbol that celebrities and ordinary citizens alike take on the challenge and become proud once they pass.

However, a recent ‘slim figure’ challenge in China resulted in a secondary school student getting trapped inside a bed frame.

After their classes ended, seven students went back to their dormitory and have started talking about their figures. After a while, they decided to challenge themselves by trying to pass through a bed frame.

Being the youngest and considered to be the slimmest in the group, Li volunteered to be the first one to try to fit in a 30cm-tall and 15cm-wide gap of a double-decker bed frame.

Image from Stomp

However, she became trapped midway through the bed frame and could not get out anymore, even with the help of her friends.

They immediately called the police for assistance. Too embarrassed to say what really happened, they reported that someone was stuck in the house. The police then sent a team of eight personnel and a fire engine to the scene.

Once they arrived at the dormitory, the personnel sawed the bed frame in half to free the girl.