Chinese Swimmer Wins Bronze Medal… But She Didn’t Know It Until Reporter Told Her

China’s “Sweetheart Swimmer” Fu Yuanhui finished third place on women’s 100-meter backstroke in the Rio Olympics but the humble swimmer did not even know she won. In an interview with a Chinese reporter, she was pleasantly surprised that she was able to finish at 58.76 seconds, exclaiming that she broke the Asian record in the Olympics.

As the reporter continued her interview, it would soon become apparent that Yuanhui had no idea that she placed at all!

She felt tired and out of energy. When told that she was only beaten by the silver medalist by 1 second, she felt sad and joked that, well, she could blame it on being shorter than the other swimmer – and it seems that she was truly too tired for the words to sink in because she still didn’t realize that she actually placed third!

As she explained how she feels about not winning a medal, the reporter interrupted to tell her that she actually won bronze. The news certainly brightened her up and she was clearly excited at the prospect that she won a medal!

Watch the interview here:

Yuanhui shares third place with Canada’s Kylie Masse.

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