Chinese Teacher Helps Pay Tuition of Poor Students by Selling Trash

Forty-four-year-old He Chunyu is a teacher at Lingshan Township Middle School located in northeast Heilongjiang Wangkui county. He was born to a poor family and was only able to finish his studies through the help of his relatives and co-villagers.

He returned to his hometown after graduation in 1998.  He felt uneasy upon learning that poverty causes some of his students to drop out of school but could not do anything about it since his income was also quite low.

Image from China Daily

So, he thought of a way to raise funds to help his students. He began collecting trash in his spare time and, according to him, the best times to do it is after the students take out the trash in the morning, during their lunch break, and after school.

Image from China Daily

His colleagues would often joke about him collecting trash and would humorously call him “King of Waste”. His wife would often complain about his dirty clothes. But, nevertheless, he is grateful that they are supportive of his advocacy.

After his story was featured on local TV, the education department has established a fund with the purpose of helping those students who are financially in need.