Chinese Woman Bought a ‘Puppy’ Years Ago, But Pet Turns Out to be a Bear

Most families get themselves a pet to be an additional member of their family. Often times, they choose dogs because of the jolly, energetic and enthusiastic vibe they brings to the family.

But what if the pet you thought was a puppy turns out to be a bear?

It happened to a family in Yuan Province China.

Su Yun who lives near the city of Kunming bought an animal while on vacation two years ago. She thought she bought herself a Tibetan Mastiff puppy which is one of the most highly-regarded dog breeds in China. She didn’t think about the reputation of the man who sold her the puppy because the price was good and the puppy looks really good and a perfect fit for a pet.

Image: Oddity Central

However, as the ‘puppy’ grew older, Su Yun noticed that he ate more and he looked less like a dog and more of a bear.

The dog started walking on his hind legs which made Su Yun realize that her pet was an Asian Black Bear but since she and the bear had a connection already, she decided to keep it despite the struggle to keep up with the bear’s insatiable appetite. The beat usually eats a large box of fruits and two buckets of noodles every day.

Image: Oddity Central

Though she can cope with the high cost of raising a bear, she learned that it is illegal to keep large wild animals as a pet, so she decided to notify the Yiliang County Forest Public Security Bureau about her situation.

The bear was sedated and taken to the Yunnan Wildlife Rescue Center for further observation wherein the staff concluded that the animal exhibited no scars and other signs of physical violence and was in good health.

We hope this will not happen again to anyone. Make sure you buy your pets from a reputable seller to avoid situations like this.