Christmas Miracle: Rare Set of Naturally Conceived Quadruplets Delivered Just Before Christmas

It is rare for quadruplets to be conceived naturally; for instance, back in 2007, there are only about 3,500 known sets of recorded quadruplets worldwide – and most were conceived through fertility treatments.

Indeed, there is a rise in multiple births due to fertility treatments but parents Kortney and Justin Miller conceived their set naturally – and it was even rarer that all four came from single eggs [also called as ‘quad quads’]. This means that Kortney ovulated four eggs which all got fertilized as opposed to having one or two eggs splitting to form identical twins.

When the couple went for their first ultrasound at Piedmont Newnan Hospital, they were surprised to learn about the ‘quad quads’ although they had some inkling that they might get two or more kids since multiple births run in both sides of the family.

The hospital staff were also as excited as the couple, especially because this will be the first time that they will be handling such a situation. To prepare for the quadruplets’ birth, the staff held weekly meetings to run through various scenarios and to ensure that they will be best prepared when the day comes.

Photo credit: Piedmont Healthcare / Facebook

Amazingly, while on her 29th week, Kortney went to the hospital for her regular check-up only to learn that she’s already 3cm dilated and that the babies must be delivered ASAP. She called up her husband at work. Justin rushed to the hospital with their older son in tow, just in time.

The babies were delivered shortly thereafter – and that was just two days before Christmas! While the babies are set to spend several more weeks in NICU, they are expected to survive and are all in great health. In fact, just hours after they were born, the babies were already breastfeeding well and free of their breathing tubes.

Isn’t this a wonderful Christmas miracle?