Christmas Scare: 54,000 People Temporarily Evacuated in Germany on Christmas Day After a 1.8-ton Bomb was Found

The Second World War was over 70 years ago but the existence of bombs that didn’t explode remains a problem across Europe and several parts of the world.

Just last week, a bomb was found in a construction site in Augsburg, Germany. It was later identified as a British World War II bomb that weighed 1.8 tons!

There was no immediate danger on the bomb so the authorities have decided to wait to defuse the bomb until Christmas. This is because most people celebrate Christmas on the eve.

The evacuation was set on a 1.5 kilometer radius around the bomb. There were 32,000 households and 54,000 people affected. The inhabitants were ordered to evacuate to designated evacuation centers before the defuse schedule at 10 am.

By 7 pm, the official Facebook account of the city announced that the bomb has been successfully defused and the people can return to their homes.

City mayor, Kurt Gribl, also announced the good news via Twitter after posting a picture with the bomb defuse team.

Aircraft bomb disarmed — these brave men are the real heroes of this historical day. Thank you deep down from the heart.