Classmates Bullied This Girl for Getting a Pixie Haircut, Not Knowing She Donated Hair for Kids with ******!

She donated 14 inches of her hair to a charity that makes wigs for kids with ****** but when 10-year-old Jetta Fosberg returned to her school at Pathway School of Discovery (one of the schools under the National Heritage Academies) in Dayton, Ohio, she did not expect that her classmates would bully her for the pixie haircut.

Photo credit: SF Globe
Photo credit: SF Globe

Jetta felt proud that she donated her hair for a cause yet these kids are trying to bring her down by calling her ugly, with some telling her that she was trying to be a boy. Despite the bullying, Jetta remains strong but her mother, Heidi Fosberg, wanted to clear the issue.

Heidi was shocked when the school principal only told her that he does not know of any child who “died from words”. Moreover, the principal advised Jetta to “toughen up and deal with it”!

Outraged over the principal’s casual dismissal of the bullying, Heidi took to social media to drum up support for Jetta so the girl won’t be affected by what the bullies are saying.

Photo credit: Facebook/Stand with Jetta
Photo credit: Facebook/Stand with Jetta

Her story went viral and the world took notice. Jetta now receives a flood of messages filled with encouragement and praise for her actions through FB page, “Stand with Jetta”.


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