Clever Baby Devises an Excellent Plan to Get Out of Bed Safely… This One’s a Genius!

An 11-month-old boy was stuck on the bed but he wants to go down. While most kids that age would simply cry hard to get someone’s attention or simply crawl down to the edge, this one did something that amazed his dad and many netizens: he devised a plan so he could get out of bed safely, without asking someone for help.

In a video that his proud dad, Francisco Aguilar, shares on YouTube, the little boy could be seen trying to climb down the bed with his feet first; however, since he is still small and he was on a two-layer bed, he somehow knew that he could hurt himself if he falls down to the floor.

Thus, the clever kid went back to the center of the bed, took the pillows one by and one, and dropped these to the floor. After all the pillows were on the floor, the little one finally climbed down the bed feeling confident that even if he falls, the soft pillows will cushion his fall!

This one’s truly a genius! Watch him create and execute his clever plan in this video:

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