Co-op Supermarket Recalls 165,000 Santa-shaped Chocolates after Batteries were Found Inside

After batteries were found in Chocolate Santas in separate locations in UK, Co-op supermarket made drastic measures to recall 165,000 £1 bars that were already sold.

Photo: Co-op

This is the time of the year when Christmas-themed foods and candies are very popular. And this Chocolate Santa is no exception. Someone who did this is either paid to sabotage the product or simply one with failed humanity.

Imagine how dangerous it would be if you kid swallowed the coin shaped batteries that were found in them.

Co-op has already initiated a UK-wide recall of the Chocolate Santas with the help of the police and the Food Standards Agency.

According to the Supermarket spokesman, “Customers with one of these products should not eat it but call our customer relations team for a full refund.

The customers can call Freephone number 0800 0686 727.

The spokesman added that the incident is still under investigation and they confirmed that no other products were affected.