Coffee Served With Burning Coal Offers Great Medicinal Properties

Are you a coffee lover?

Would you like to give a “twist” to your coffee by dropping a burning coal in it?

Why not give it a try?

Kopi Joss or charcoal coffee was invented back 1960s by a local coffee stall owner in Yogykarta, Indonesia known as Mr. Man in Central Java.  It’s a mixture of ground coffee and four spoons of sugar added to boiling water then added with a lump of red hot coal dropped into it to add up to the heat a bit.  When the coal cools down, the coffee may be consumed.


Originally, the drink was made to help Mr. Man ease his discomfort for having troubled stomach.  The idea of dropping burning charcoal into the cup of coffee just popped in as he laid his eyes on the charcoal that he was using to boil the water.

He had stomach problems so he thought putting the coal in it will make him feel better. So, he took a piece of burning charcoal and dumped it into the cup of coffee which later on, made his discomfort disappear!


From then on, he started selling it to customers who were brave enough to give it a try and the drink became popular for its medicinal properties.

When Mr. Man passed away, Mr. Alex became the stall owner. During Mr. Man’s time, it was enjoyed only by local students and undergraduates; now, the drink is being enjoyed by tourists as it became a novelty.

Mr. Alex claims that the coffee is good to lessen bloating, nausea, heartburn and  diarrhea.


The local students who were regular customers at the stall analyzed the drink and found out that the coffee has less of caffeine because the coal absorbs some of it and neutralizes its acid content, making it “tummy friendly.” It also tastes like caramel because the burning coal have burned the sugar in it.


If by chance you have the opportunity to visit Indonesia, do not let your chance pass without dropping by at Mr. Alex’s coffee stall.

And by the way, each cup of Kopi Joss only costs 4,000 rupiah ($0.30).