College Student Fakes ******, Shaves Head and Uses Wheelchair to Scam Parents and Friends of Money for ‘Treatment’

Thousands of people are dying of ****** every day and countless families live in grief over the loss, even after dealing with the pain and the high costs of treatment they had to under in the months or years that the patient suffered. ****** is really no joke. Yet one student has used ****** to get herself some free cash from family and friends!

Reports have surfaced of how 20-year-old Kelly Schmahl created an elaborate hoax that duped her sorority sisters at Northern Kentucky University in Kentucky, USA into raising funds for her treatment as she pretended to be ill since June 2016.

She told Delta Zeta friends that she was diagnosed with stage 3 stomach ******, prompting the sorority to host fundraising events and benefit games where they praised the ‘brave’ ******-stricken student and called her the “Queen of the Court”.

Photo credit: Kills4Kelly – Facebook / Daily Mail UK

They launched Facebook page Kills 4 Kelly to begin raising funds for her treatment.

I have never been one to ask for much, especially when it comes to money and material things. But when I was diagnosed last September (2015), financial support from those around me has become pivotal in my battle,” Schmahl wrote on her blog, Kelly’s Klassic.

No one suspected a thing, especially because Delta Zeta officers were able to talk with Schmahl doctors on the phone. They confirmed the diagnosis and shared more details about Schmahl’s condition.

Also, the pretty student lost her beautiful long hair and was too weak that she had to use a wheelchair.

Photo credit: Kills4Kelly – Facebook / Daily Mail UK

The day I was diagnosed, I promised myself that I would not let ****** define me, but I have failed. So, maybe I’m two-faced to hide the fact that I really am ****** and I can’t change that until ****** is no longer inside of me,” she wrote on her blog last February.

In the course of several months, Delta Zeta was able to raise $7,500 for Schmahl’s treatment. More fundraisers were planned, with another one to be held on April 22.

But someone discovered the scam and cops obtained a search warrant.

She used her cell phone as a forwarding service to receive and answer phone calls and text messages under the guise that healthcare workers were answering the incoming telephone calls and texts,” the police revealed in an affidavit.

Everyone was shocked after learning about the elaborate hoax.

It has recently come to our attention that DZ is the unknowing victim of a crime. Delta Zeta, nor its members, had any knowledge of whatever activities Ms. Schmahl may have been involved in,” the sorority wrote in a statement sent to Fox News.

Photo credit: Kills4Kelly – Facebook / Daily Mail UK

Schmahl claimed they were as shocked as everyone that their daughter created the hoax.

Our daughter is a caring, loving yet troubled young woman who is currently undergoing treatment for issues that precipitated this pretense and the results of it. Like others in the community, we, too, believed our daughter was seriously ill with ******, and we are all searching for answers as to why she would participate in this deception.

During the time that funds were being raised for Kelly, she did not live with us and we did not actively promote any fundraising efforts,” her parents said.

The cops are now trying to trace Schmahl activities to check where the money went and if any can still be recovered and returned to the sorority. Meanwhile, Delta Zeta revealed it will continue with the April 22 fundraising event but the proceeds will go to Chicks and Chucks, a non-profit organization that benefits breast ****** patients.