College Students Bring Elderly Food Server to Tears by Fulfilling Her Lifelong Wish

While chatting with a food server in their cafeteria one night, a college student discovers that this kind lady has always wished that she and her family could go to Disney World, especially because her son had always loved Mickey Mouse even as an adult.

It was just a passing chitchat but the student decided it would be fantastic to fulfill this elderly food server’s lifelong wish. She and other students started a Go Fund Me campaign, aiming to raise $6,000 thinking there could be at least 6,000 people out there who could donate at least a dollar.

The group got lucky when their campaign was chosen by Go Fund Me as recipient of $1,000 which the site shares to one campaign each month. Soon, the students were able to raise their target amount and surprised the server with Disney World tickets and other vacation perks for her and her family.

It is great how these students went out of their way to fulfill a kind food server’s lifelong wish.

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