Community Throws a Heartbreaking Birthday Ball for a Dying Princess Who Will Never be a Bride

A community has come together to throw a lavish birthday ball for a ******-stricken girl who will never be a bride – and it has brought everyone to tears.

Lila May Schow of Hood River, Oregon in the US has fought neuroblastoma ****** for three years but after learning that doctors had declared her condition terminal and that there was nothing that can be done to make her better, the community reached out to her parents to offer what they can.

With Lila May’s fifth birthday coming up, mom Heidi Hall thought it would be a good idea to throw her a birthday ball – and the community responded heartily! People donated money for the party where everyone was supposed to wear royal costumes.

Screenshot from video by KOIN6

Knowing that it was surely going to be Lila May’s last birthday, an event organizer group donated their services for the party. Lavish decorations were set up for the royal birthday ball, with a red throne created for the beautiful princess.

For the party, everyone wore their best royal costumes, while several ‘Disney princesses’ were also in attendance! It was truly every little girl’s dream birthday party!

Escorted by the local police, Lila May arrived in a beautiful carriage with other little princesses. As soon as they arrived at the ‘castle’, she shouted “Daddy!” upon seeing her father.

Daddy Ryan Schow and stepfather Blake Hall escorted their little princess to her royal ball.

Screenshot from video by KOIN6

With the birthday ball also a celebration of life and a chance to let the dying girl experience things she never would, including a prom and a wedding, her two dads danced with her. First, it was Daddy Ryan’s turn to dance with his princess, bringing everyone to tears as he silently broke down during the dance.

Then, Daddy Blake had a fun dance with Lila May before going down on his knees and ‘proposing’ to her.

Photo credit: BRYCE JENKINSON / People Magazine

All in all, it was a fun-filled but heartbreaking birthday party. Lila May died a few weeks later but the family and the community were thankful that they got the chance to make her feel like the happiest princess in the world before she passed away.

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