Companies in China Monitor Employees’ Brainwaves to Increase Work Productivity

According to Oddity Central, Chinese companies are using specialized helmets to monitor employees’ brain activity. This is to reduce stress, manipulate break times to increase productivity.

The brainwaves monitored are used on an unprecedented scale. The helmets being used are lightweight hats that constantly monitor and collect workers’ brain activity; then, this is stored into computers that use artificial intelligence algorithms that have the ability to detect “emotional spikes such as depression, anxiety or rage”.

From the data collected, management uses them to adjust the work schedule and pace of production or to change working condition to increase work productivity.

Image: Oddity Central

One of the companies using this brainwave monitoring is Hangzhou-based State Grid Zheijang Electric power. According to Cheng Jingzhou, an officer in charge for the “emotional surveillance program”, the technique is giving them positive results. Its 40,000 employees manage the power supply and distribution network to homes and businesses in Hangzhou province.

Hangzhou Zhongheng Electric or Ningbo Shenyang Logistics also do the same monitoring program and all of them said that this increased productivity and improved company earnings.

Image: Oddity Central

A spokesperson from Shanghai-based technology company, Deayea, said in an interview with South China Morning Post that brain monitoring sensors are regularly worn by train conductors working on Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail line.

These sensors can measure various brain activities such as fatigue and attention loss with an accuracy of more than 90 percent. If an employee happened to feel sleepy, the sensor would trigger an alarm to wake him up. This is to ensure that pilots are emotionally stable and won’t put passengers at risk.

Do you think companies should implement brain-wave monitoring?