Conjoined Twins Fused at the Bottom Gets Separated Using 3D Printing Technology

It is amazing what advances in modern science can do, especially in the field of medicine. Though we still haven’t discovered the miracle cure of ****** or HIV, we did improve on a lot of things in the medical field.

Take for example this story of a pair of conjoined twins in Shanghai, China. While many conjoined twins face each other, they are oriented back to back and are fused at their bottoms. Doctors had to rely on 3D ultrasound and 3D printing to create models of the twins’ anatomy to determine the best way to separate them.

Although it was the first time that Chinese doctors made use of the technology to separate conjoined twins, the operation was a success! It’s great that technology enables us to do this. I can’t help but imagine what new discoveries will be useful in the medical field this year!

Check out the twins’ amazing story here:

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SF Globe

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