Cool Guy Wears Princess Costume for His Cute Niece

Note to self: Don’t let fear of judgment hinder you to be awesome in your own way.

How I wish I have an uncle as cool as him! Young kids, especially girls love to play dress-up during their play time. They love to make-believe that they’re princesses who live in a beautiful castle and surrounded by beautiful things; and they would often go somewhere with their beautiful costumes.

When Jesse Nagy found out that his niece was embarrassed to wear her princess costume to the movies, superhero uncle saved the day! Jesse decided to teach her one valuable lesson: don’t let fear of judgment get in the way of being awesome!

Twenty three-year-old Jesse accompanied her to the movies in his own princess costume. Imagine that! You might wonder where did got the costume. Apparently, it was a friend’s prom dress which he¬†borrowed for the evening.

Look at their cute and adorable photos below!

Photo credit: SunnySkyz/
Photo credit: SunnySkyz/
Photo credit: SunnySkyz/

Best Uncle of the Year Award goes to you, Jesse! Two-thumbs up!