Cop Earns Praise for Going the Extra Mile to Take Care of Lost Child Found Wandering at Dawn

It was 2:30 AM when a concerned citizen called 911 after seeing a very young child walking along Montana Avenue in Westwood, Cincinnati, by himself, barefoot and only wearing pajamas.

Officers Jamie Landrum and Will Nastold arrived at the street to find the poor child with soiled diapers and dirty pants. Indeed, he was barefoot and did not have a jacket on despite the freezing temperatures.

Despite searching for the child’s parents at the nearby apartment complex, they could not find them; thus, the officers decided to bring him to District 3 Station of the Cincinnati Police Department to get him cleaned up and warm.

Officer Landrum used her own money to buy the child some clothes, a jacket, footsies, and diapers. After cleaning up the child, the police officers took turns in keeping him comfortable and happy.

It was Officer Nastold who played with him on the floor, not minding that he was in full uniform. He was photographed by Sergeant Dan Hils as he played with the child. The photo would soon go viral on social media, earning praise from netizens who commended the cops for going out their way to ensure the child’s safety and happiness.

It was not until 3 hours later that the toddler’s mother arrived. Intoxicated, 28-year-old Tanisha Caldwell admitted that she had been drinking and that her son had also managed to get out of the house by himself a couple of times in the past.

For her admission and the fact that the cops had found her son wandering the streets alone, Caldwell was ******** and charged with child endangerment. The boy is now in the custody of his aunt.

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