Cop Pretends to Be Couple’s **** Son for 5 Years to Make Woman with Memory Loss Happy Again

A freak accident led to the ***** of a young man and his mom becoming disabled, also suffering with memory loss. For years, the woman felt sad that her son no longer visits them, because the reality of his ***** refuses to sink into her consciousness. But it was a kind-hearted cop who would make her smile again.

It was back in 2003 when Liang Qiaoying and her son Liang Yu were exposed to poison gas in a freak accident in North China’s Shanxi province. The former school teacher survived the accident but was paralyzed and left mentally impaired.

Yu died but Qiaoying’s mind refused to accept his *****. Every day, she would ask her husband, Xia Zhanhai, why their son no longer visited their home – and the poor man had to make up various excuses for his deceased son.

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One day in 2010, while watching a news report, Zhanhai saw a policeman that resembles their late son. He wasn’t able to catch his name but learned that the cop was stationed in Pudong, a district in China located 1,500 km from their home.

Despite the distance, Zhanhai tried to find the cop but failed; after all, Pudong was a rather large place and he didn’t know the cop’s name.

In 2013, a reality show learned of Zhanhai’s quest to find the cop in hopes of making his wife happy. Knowing this would bring in good ratings and also genuinely hoping they could help the man, the show helped Zhanhai find the cop.

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The show coordinated with Shanghai Police and finally discovered the cop’s identity, Police Officer Jiang Jingwei. At first, the cop was unsure what to do as he didn’t also want to hurt his own mother’s feelings but he soon realized that he could pretend to be this poor woman’s **** son without hurting his mother.

After his mother finally gave consent, Jingwei agreed to meet Zhanhai and Qiaoying on the show. He was overcome with emotion after meeting the couple for the first time, crying even as his ‘mom’ cried tears of joy after finally seeing her son again.

The show hosts made up a story that her ‘son’ had been on a secret mission for years, that’s why he was unable to visit. This also supposedly explained his different accent and how he ‘forgot’ how to speak their native Shanxi language – but all those didn’t matter to Qiaoying; she was just happy to be reunited with her son.

Photo credit: Shine / Oddity Central

The night after the show, she slept like a baby for more than eight hours. Previously, she had so much trouble sleeping,” Zhanhai revealed.

But the cop was so touched by this old couple’s sad story that he decided to continue pretending to be their son. He would call them from time to time, even sending gifts during Christmas and other special occasions. They would also visit him, with the ‘mother’ feeling happy that her son is regularly communicating with them again, blissfully unaware that he was actually a stranger…

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