Cops Arrest 40-Year-Old Man Who Brought Pregnant 12-Year-Old ‘Wife’ to the Hospital

A 40-year-old man brought his pregnant 12-year-old ‘wife’ to the hospital for a routine test to confirm the health of the unborn baby but he was ********, instead, after staff reported him to the cops.

According to Mirror UK, the man arrived at Xuzhou City Central Hospital in Jiangsu Province, east China with his mother and his ‘wife’; he told the staff that the girl is his 20-year-old wife. The staff grew suspicious, however, believing that the child was a minor and could be no more than 12 years old!

Photo credit: AsiaWire / Mirror UK
Photo credit: AsiaWire / Mirror UK

But while the staff continued asking questions, the man got angry and told them they had no business asking about the girl’s private life and that they should just do their jobs.

It didn’t help that the girl appears confused and did not understand Mandarin, leading staff and later the cops to believe that she’s not Chinese but possibly a child bride bought (or possibly stolen/kidnapped) from a neighboring country.

It’s obvious she is just a child, and certainly not anywhere near 20 years old,” one of the hospital staff said.

Photo credit: AsiaWire / Mirror UK
Photo credit: AsiaWire / Mirror UK

The cops ******** the man and his mother as they could not produce the child’s ID. The police are still investigating the girl’s origins but believe that she could be from Vietnam since the Chinese have a history of purchasing (and even abducting!) young Vietnamese brides.

We could only hope the child will be returned to her parents and that she’ll never become a victim of trafficking again…

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