Cops’ Hilarious Facebook Post about Accused Drug Dealer’s Phone Goes Viral… And His Buyers are Now Trembling in Fear!

The cops trying to investigate an accused drug dealer using the phone they confiscated from him kept getting interrupted by calls and new text messages requesting for, well, more drugs; thus, they posted a tongue-in-cheek appeal on Facebook that had the internet laughing – and the drug buyers trembling!

According to the City of Alliance Police Department in Alliance, OH, the cops in the department were “trying to read all your texts requesting drugs” but several people kept calling and texting the number – and it’s getting quite annoying.

So, they are appealing to these people to stop because 1) suspected drug dealer Steve Notman is, obviously, out of drugs for the night as he was languishing in their jail cell and 2) “You don’t need to call – we will come to you soon enough!” Uh oh…

The cop behind the post even added a post script, “Oh, and his ringtone is terrible!

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