Corrupt Politician Requests to be Buried with $5,700 So He Could ‘Bribe God’ and Escape Hell

We’ve heard a lot of strange stories this week but the strangest, perhaps, is the one about the corrupt politician from Uganda who asked his family to bury him with a lot of money so he could have enough cash to ‘bribe God’ and escape hell!

Based on news reports, 52-year-old Charles Obong had been quite a corrupt politician for most of his life – and he knows it! He does not deny stealing money from the country’s coffers and he even knows that if he ****, he’s going to hell because of his misdeeds.

So, when he contracted a mysterious illness that left him bedridden, he knew that he had to do something about it. He could no longer take back the bad things he did; thus, he thought of something crazy.

Obong told his family that they should bury him with a lot of money so he could escape hell. To ensure that his wife will do what he requested, Obong also told his sister and brother about his plan and asked them to be there by his casket before he is lowered underground so as to check whether his wife really placed money in the coffin.

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On December 17, 2016, Obong died and was interred in a metallic casket which reported cost the family over $5 million. His family did as he had instructed them to do but when the church got wind of what they did, Reverend Joel Agel Awio got angry and told them no amount of money could buy anyone eternal life and that God would never accept such a ‘golden handshake’.

The church elders decided to exhume the body to check whether the story was true – and discovered that it really was! Inside the coffin were fifty seven pieces of $100 bills, totaling $5,700.

The money was returned to the family… although some reports claim they are feeling guilty because Obong would most likely rot in hell now that he no longer has money to bribe God to bring him to heaven. Ooooops.

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