Cosmetic Surgeon in Georgia Sings and Dances During Surgery, Posts Vids on YouTube

Different businesses have a different approach on how they market their services. To Dr. Windell Boutté from Atlanta area, she has a habit of filming herself and her staff dancing and rapping during surgery and using her unconscious patients as her props and posting them online.

Screen grab from Ojay Liburd via Youtube

According to Oddity Central, the “Number 1 Female Plastic Surgeon in the Southeast” is not licensed by Georgia’s medical board to perform surgery but the state allows any licensed physician to operate, so lucky for her.

However, her unusual promotional stunt raises eyebrows. In her over 20 now-deleted videos on her YouTube account, it was seen that patients are often exposed despite never having given their consent to film for the doctor’s videos.

In one of her videos, Dr. Boutté is literally cutting into the abdomen of one of her patients while dancing and rapping to the song “Cut It” by O.T Genasis.

Screen grab from Ojay Liburd via Youtube

In some of her videos, the doctors let her staff join as her backup dancers while someone is filming their routine.

However, singing and dancing while operating doesn’t seem to be a good idea. Dr. Boutté has settled 5 malpractice cases in the last 6 months and she’s currently facing 4 more.

After her mid-surgery performance went viral last week, over 100 other patients complained about her works.

Screen grab from Ojay Liburd via Youtube

Dr. Windell Boutté and her lawyers didn’t comment on the issue but her ‘promotional’ videos are now deleted on her YouTube account; however, she continues to practice medicine at her office.

Being a doctor is a very tough responsibility because the lives of the people depend on you. It’s nice to be calm while working but being too lenient is not advisable. Posting videos of people online without their consent isn’t a good idea at all. We do hope that Dr. Boutté learned her lesson.

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Source: Youtube / Ojay Liburd Oddity Central