Couple Adopts a Child but Abandons Her in the Forest for Frequent Misbehavior… The Shocking Twist Gave Me Goosebumps!

A couple who already had a child wanted to expand their family; so, they decided to adopt another girl. Dad went to fetch their newly adopted girl while mom stayed at home to brief their own child about the new addition.

Everything was fine at first but things didn’t turn out well in the next few days. Soon, the new girl begs for attention and affection that the couple could not offer, in light of their busy schedules. Innocent ‘mistakes’ begin to happen around the house, including the adopted girl spilling wine from mom’s glass unto the white table cloth as well as scattering various stuff from inside the cabinet.

It was the last straw for the couple. Dad took the girl along with her favorite toy, the one she had been bringing when she first came to them, and brought her to the forest with plans of abandoning her for good.

Dad threw the toy as far away as he could so the girl will go after it. As expected, the girl went after her toy. As quickly as he could, dad drove the car away. But there’s a shocking twist as the camera pans away…

Watch it happen in this video:

Were you able to get grasp the meaning of the video?

The adopted girl actually represented a dog who was first loved by the family but when things went wrong, they decided to abandon it – for it was “just a dog” yet dogs have feelings, too, and are often considered as family by many people, thus, the representation of the girl in the video.

We feel so angered and shocked by child abandonment yet pet abandonment is almost the same thing, too…