Couple Didn’t Announce They Were Adopting a Baby… Watch Grandma’s Priceless Reaction

A military coupled stationed in Hawaii had planned on adopting a baby but because of the emotional (and financial!) rollercoasters and many unknowns in the adoption process, they decided not to tell their families about it.

Even after the adoption process had been finalized and Melissa Faith, nicknamed Lily, was in their hands, Miranda and Donny kept everything a secret. Flying home to Donny’s family home in Franklin, IN, the two had the camera ready to capture his mother’s reaction upon seeing the baby.

Grandma Eva did not disappoint! The moment she saw the baby, her incredible reaction captured the hearts of thousands of people watching the now viral video. There is no doubt that this baby is very much welcome in the family.

Kudos to families who welcome adopted children like their own flesh and blood!

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