Couple Eats Only 3 Times a Week, Claiming They’re Fed Only by the “Energy of the Universe”

A mother-of-two and her husband claim that they have survived eating only fruits or vegetable broth 3 times a week.

No, this is not a story of extreme poverty. Akahi Ricardo, 36, and Camila Castello, 34, live in a ‘free food’ diet and claimed they have been fed mainly by the ‘energy that exists in the universe’. They said that they have forgotten how hunger feels like and they want to let other people know that humans can easily live without food as long as they are connected to the energy that exists in all things and through breathing.

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When Camila was carrying her first child, she practices ‘breatharian’ pregnancy and ate solids only 5 times in nine months. This seems bad for the baby but she claimed that she gave birth to a very healthy child and the blood tests during the pregnancy period were impeccable.

Akahi and Camila met last 2005 and got married 3 years later. During their travels in South America, they discovered ‘breatharianism’ through a friend and gave it a try.

Photo: News Dog Media

They undertook the ’21 day breatharian process’. During the first 7 days, they consume nothing but air. In the remaining days, they only took water and diluted juice. They have adopted the process afterwards and they claimed that they have not felt hunger since then.

They now have 2 children but they are allowing them to eat whatever they want. They also relaxed their diet rules but they eat only in tiny quantities.

The couple now teaches courses of ‘breatharianism’ and claimed that their ‘food-free’ lifestyle has allowed them to save money for other things like travel and exploring together.

Photo: News Dog Media

When their story was posted in social media, it earned mixed reactions with a lot of people not believing the possibility of such diet. However, a lot still believe that the human body is capable of adapting in such extreme conditions. What do you think?

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